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SOONSU Shining Peel

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More information and how to use.

Forget the pain that comes with spicules and traditional peels!

Soonsu Shining Peel (3.5 pH) is a product that consists of an oil and a water phase that is safe for all skin (even younger teenage skin) and skin types. Great for antiaging, helps to fight skin imperfections such as acne, enlarged pores, dull complexion, and much more. Can also be used on the body.

The oil phase contains active substances that prevent oxidation and degradation of the active ingredients, resulting in an amazing whitening effect. This layer protects the skin by forming an oily film of moisture and normalizes the stable components of the peel, ensuring safe renewal without the patient having to worry about side effects.

The second phase of the peel contains active ingredients that give the liquid a yellow tint. The layer effectively works not only for whitening but also for stimulating the renewal of skin cells, due to which the healing effect of renewal is achieved. The peeling results in radiant skin both on the face and in any area of the body.

The combination of peptides and peeling formula brings amazing results without pain and swelling. Recommend a series of 3-6 treatments every 7-12 days for optimum results. 


  • TCA 35%
  • Vitamin B12
  • Retinol,
  • Squalene oil,
  • Arginine, V
  • Vitamin C,
  • Proline,
  • Glycine,
  • AHA, PHA, BHA.


  • Peptides in the composition of the product minimize skin irritation and provide maximum effect
  • Excellent tool for whitening, renewing, and rejuvenating the skin
  • Increases the content of keratin and collagen in the body
  • Thanks to the stable double-layer formula, the likelihood of side reactions is minimized and the desired result is achieved
  • Vitamin C in the composition reduces the synthesis of melanin and helps to lighten the skin
  • A good combination of 3 peptides in the peeling formula, gives an excellent effect without pain and swelling
  • Peeling helps to remove dead skin cells and improve complexion
Soonsu Shining Peel is used for skin renewal.


  • Face - (recommended amount 1.5-2ml)
  • Neck - (recommended amount 1-1.5ml)
  • Decollete - (recommended amount 2-2.5ml)
  • Hands - (recommended amount 2-3ml)
  • Elbows


Soonsu Shining Peel is applied every 7-12 days 4-6 times. A noticeable result is achieved after 3 procedures.


TCA (35%), Vitamin B12, Retinol, Squalene oil, Arginine, Vitamin C, Proline, Glycine, AHA, PHA, BHA.


5 vials × 6 ml per pack or 1 Vial x 6ML
Product of South Korea


Moderate - Varies accordingly to individual skin traits. Minimal peeling and flaking is to be expected with a 7 to 12 day recuperation period.

The product should only be used by a professional.

For Topical and Cosmetic Use Only.



SAMPLE: 1 vial (upto 3 treatments) + Syringe Applicator with Tip
1 BOX: 5 vials (upto 15 treatments - Syringe Applicators not included)