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Shining Moisture Massage Cream

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1 procedure requires 8 g of cream

For all skin types and conditions. 100 applications.

The cream is designed for sensitive skin prone to rosacea, vascular reticulum, rosacea, and atopic skin.

Works well with oily skin, porous, and skin prone to inflammation.

Slip cream 40-45 minutes.

Has a subtle smell. The cream releases moisture upon application. Very gentle. Can be used with "Multi Cure" device.
- Soothes the skin
- Relieves irritation and swelling
- Shrinks pores
- Increases skin tone and elasticity

Emoluments, sodium hyaluronate, herbal extracts of burdock, lemon, calendula, Saponaria, St. John's wort, hops, macadamia, and bergamot oil.