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Respiration Toner

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Extremely sensitive skin doesn’t have to mean extremely basic products.This super hydrating “essence toner” doesn’t just balance skin’s pH and prep skin for following treatments — it also feeds skin with yeast ferment extract, cabbage rose flower extract, and 10 other botanical extracts. Yeast ferment extract boosts cellular renewal, reduces dark spots, and acts as a humectant by drawing in moisture into the skin. Cabbage rose flower extract tones and smooths the skin, as well as providing antioxidant benefits. Sodium Hyaluronate serves as double duty wound healing care and a super hydrating agent while Willow Bark Extract does its due diligence preventing acne.

Best of all, this toner can be a true time saver, as it can be used as a 2-in-1 skincare product, serving as both your toner and essence step! This can also further reduce your risk of a potentially bad reaction from the introduction of more products into your routine.

Eclado Respiration Toner allows you to simplify and keep your delicate skin safe. Hydrate, brighten, calm, and support healthy, supple skin with Eclado’s Respiration Toner. Consider this outstanding yet mild toner the safest and most effortless choice for your sensitive skin’s needs.