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Omelon HydroCool

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O'Melon's Hydro Cool is a 4 in 1 device that has hydro-dermabrasion, microcurrent, cryo with iontophoresis, and nano injection. It's Korean technology that delivers results.

The Aqua Peel function aka hydroderm, uses a patented vortex to simultaneously infuse, extract, and exfoliate the skin.

The microcurrent function uses low frequency waves to stimulates muscles, tightening the skin, and enabling better penetration of products.

Maybe one of my favorite modalities of the Hydro Cool is the cryo function with iontophoresis.

Iontophoresis works by using an electrical current to help move substances (product) through the skin. It's a great way to encourage product penetration.

Cryo has so many benefits, and it's definitely a staple in my treatment room. It reduces inflammation, tightens and brightens the skin, and increases blood flow which will leave your client with glowing skin.

The Aqua Injection uses pressure to break down an ampoule of your choice into nano-sized particles, giving it the ability to penetrate deep into the skin. O'Melon has a number of ampoules that can be used depending on the needs of your client's skin.

1-year Warranty.

1-hour Device Training included with purchase of device.

Shipping will be charged separately.