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NK-CX Protein Potent Booster (100mL)

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Environmental aggressors and seasonal changes are putting our skin at risk! More and more people are suffering from various skin problems including dryness, redness and itching due to weakened skin barrier.

Maximize skin’s potential with ECLADO NK-CX Protein Potent Booster … a quick and easy solution to your everyday skin problems!
  • Milk, Oat, and Rice Protein Extract (3-Step Protein Boosting) provide healthy structure to dermis layer
  • Cell-coating mist formulated with human stem cell conditioned media to create cell-coating layer, which effectively reduces redness and inflammation while quickly soothing irritated skin
  • Honey-Flex: Propolis, Royal Jelly, Honey Protein creates honey moisture layer to keep moisture and nutrients locked in skin for prolonged hydration and radiance
  • Completed 3 clinical tests for:
    • Skin barrier improvement
    • Skin elasticity restoration
    • Improvement of itching caused by dry skin