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NK-CX Core Apmoule

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Most effective on compromised and unblanced skin.

NK-CX Core Ampoule No.1 : contains NK Cell Conditioned Media Extract, Human Stem Cell Conditioned Media (Amniotic fluid-derived), Freeze-dried, High-concentrate skin revitalizer. Hyaluronic Acid and Trehalose bosts skin hydration.

NK-CX Core Ampoule No.2 : contains Human Stem Cell conditioned Media (lipid-derived), reduces pigmentation/clinically tested for skin elasticity restoration, dual coating of liposomes enhances more effetive absorption of active ingredients, light-weight milky texture applies smoothly. Contains skin nourishing glutathione that evens skin tone and creates radiance.

Mix No1 and No2 ampoules togehter. Use immediately, but can be refrigerated and stored for up to three days. Use with Micro needling/channeling, CX-Derma Shot or Anymi-Sonic Ion. Can be performed once a week.