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F.G.F Rejuvenation Cream&Ampoule

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Suitable for all skin types, recommended for aging skin of women and men.

Fibroblast growth factors and epidermal growth factor, soy isoflavones, plant extracts of wild ginseng, Korean lumbago, Usnea, licorice, gardenia, Japanese pepper fruit, meadowfoam seed oil, sodium hyaluronate, hydrolyzed collagen, squalane, arginine, adenosine.

EGF is a protein that contains 53 amino acids. It slows down the aging of cells, gives youth to cells. Aimed at renewing the epidermis, Solves Wound Healing Issues, Smoothes the skin, Strengthens skin tone, Brightens, Stimulates collagen synthesis and microcirculation, Promotes activation of the protective properties of the skin, Increases tone, Elasticity, Density and hydration of the skin. Also contains the acidic factor of fibroblasts (FGF) is responsible for angiogenesis. This procedure will be good for skin prone to rosacea. It enhances cell regeneration, cell renewal. The depth of wrinkles is reduced. The course program takes 1 month. Once a week. From 30+ years old and above. When using you will need Iontophoresis (ION) "-" to insert the ampoule into the skin.

Protocol this Treatment
1. Makeup remover
2. Purifying Cleanser.
Apply to dry hands and dry face. Massage movements. Wash off with warm water.
3. Deep cleansing with an enzyme powder
4. Rebalancing Toner the skin of the face and neck
5. Apply the ampoule to the skin of the face and neck.
Device Iontophoresis(ION) "-" is recommended for better absorption. 10 minutes. You can also use Microneedling deep 0.25 mm.
Consumption of 5ml ampoule (half)
6. Hydrogel mask with gold, sterile mask. Leave it on for 15-20 minutes. You can apply to the skin of the neck and face, where the mask has not covered the face with the remains of the gel from the package.

It is recommended to store hydrogel masks in a horizontal position.
7. Remove the mask, do not rinse. If there are leftovers, do a massage.
8. Apply Cell Magic Lotion
9. Cell Anti Wrinkle Eye Cream around the eyes and on the area around the mouth wrinkles
10. Apply the cream from the kit FGF Cream
11. SPF