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Cell Memory Cream

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Never before has a little jiggle brought about firmer skin, but with Eclado’s Cell Memory Cream, younger-looking skin is just a bounce away. This unique cream has a light pudding texture that, once scooped, smoothes itself out in the jar, much like it smoothes your skin. Clinically tested, this cutting-edge cream has shown improvements in the skin in just 30 days. Packed with innovative ingredients as well as the best from nature, Eclado marries plant stem cells and peptides to promote collagen synthesis and activate cell function. Hoping to awaken that youthful glow? Say hello to EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor), which helps stimulate the growth of the main building block of new skin, while hyaluronic acid infuses it with moisture. More collagen and more moisture mean vibrant, younger-looking skin!

Thick, sticky creams are a thing of the past. Thanks to the groundbreaking formula, this light water-based cream completely revitalizes tired skin with its fast-absorbing formula. It also protects and soothes inflammation with macadamia seed oil, all without a hint of stickiness. This multi-functional cream can be used as both nighttime and daytime hydrator. Thanks to its satiny finish, it also works just as wonderfully under your makeup as it does as a part of your nighttime routine.

If you’re looking for refreshed, brighter, firmer, more hydrated skin, give Eclado Cell Memory Cream 30 days to totally transform your skin!