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Boyun Ampoule

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PH 6.84

For dry, normal, dehydrated, problematic, sensitive, aging, and pigmented skin. Serum with wild ginseng extract has a rejuvenating effect, evens tone strengthens blood vessels. Wild ginseng root extract triggers the process of skin cell renewal, enhances immunity, stimulates blood microcirculation, and prevents premature aging. Fermented soybean extract helps to normalize microflora. It has an immunomodulatory effect, reduces skin sensitivity. Cinnamon extract has an anti-inflammatory effect, normalizes the production of sebum. Willow bark extract stimulates cell renewal, enhances the barrier properties of the skin. Cypress leaf extract normalizes metabolism in cells.

Ingredients: wild ginseng extract, sodium hyaluronate, fermented soybean extract, extract of oregano leaves, cinnamon, cypress leaves, willow bark, purslane, Baikal skullcap.