Packaging a Series of 6 VONO Treatments

The following is one of our most favorite treatment packages ... our VONO Treatments. We've seen great results and our clients are very happy with their skin after the program. At the end of their Series, we typically put our clients on a Bi-Monthly or Monthly Skin Maintenance depending on their skin concerns, but it is very important to always try to manage their expectations from the start! If they are prone to excessive acne breakouts, then they may need to do more than one Series and if that is the case, we adjust the timing and intervals to weekly treatments until the breakouts are under control.


Series of 6 VONO Treatments for Acne or Aging Skin

$1100 - $1500

A series of 6 treatments will help to dramatically improve skin's firmness, smoothness, elasticity, hydration, sensitivity, tone, wrinkles, fine lines, acne scars, age-spots/sunspots, laxity and stretch marks. VONO Treatments will not visibly peel and has no down-time! Although I tell my clients to wait at least 24-hours, it is safe for clients to wear makeup again just 4-hours after the treatment. This series is also safe enough to complete during summer months! Just inform your clients of the safety precautions:

  • AVOID physical activity (heavy exercise, sweating)
  • AVOID heat, steam, sauna, hot water, swimming in pool or at the beach
  • AVOID exposure to extreme temperatures like very hot, or cold and windy weather
  • AVOID touching, scratching, rubbing, scrubbing, or picking at your skin
  • Focus on HYDRATION - drink a lot of water!
  • Wear SUNSCREEN always!
  • Use skin regeneration bb cream after treatment.


Treatment intervals (increase time slowly to strengthen and keep client’s skin healthy):

#1 - (leave gel on for 5-min) schedule #2 for 1-week later

#2 - (leave gel on for 5-min) schedule #3 for 1-week later

#3 - (leave gel on for 6-min - Sensitive skin stop at 5-min) schedule #4 for 2-weeks later

#4 - (leave gel on for 6-min  - Sensitive skin stop at 5-min) schedule #5 for 2-weeks later

#5 - (leave gel on for 7-min - Sensitive skin stop at 6-min) schedule #6 for 3-weeks later

#6 - (leave gel on for 7-min - Sensitive skin stop at 6-min)


1st set of HomeCare is included when purchasing the Series package.

We add the first set of HomeCare for a few reasons.

  1. So that we know that our clients are using excellent products. 
  2. To get our clients using the products we sell and support.
  3. To give our clients another benefit when purchasing a Series Package.

HomeCare products to be used until Series is complete:

  1. AM/PM Remove Makeup (OPTIONAL — ask clients if they want to purchase):
    1. Perfect Cleansing Smoothie Balm (if client wears full face of makeup)
    2. Flawless Lip & Eye Remover
  2. AM/PM Cleanse: Milky Cleanser
  3. AM/PM Tone (select appropriate toner):
    1. Refresh Spray Toner (for Normal/Combo skin)
    2. A.C Oil Free Toner (for Oily/Acne prone skin
    3. Melaser Whitening Toner (for discoloration/skin with melasma)
    4. Respiration Toner (for very Sensitive sin)
    5. Ginseno Triple Essential Toner (for Aging/dry/dehydrated skin)
  4. AM/PM: Cell Magic Skin Lotion
  5. AM/PM: Serums (select appropriate serum or serums):
    1. Boyun Ampoule (skin regeneration)
    2. Damgyul Ampoule (soothing)
    3. A.C Control Ampoule F (Acne)
  6. AM/PM: Cell Phyto Anti Wrinkle Serum ( for anti-aging : OPTIONAL)
  7. AM/PM: Cell Memory Cream
  8. AM/PM: Moisturizer (select appropriate moisturizer):
    1. Stem Cell Origin Cream (Anti-Aging)
    2. Activation Cream (Acne, dry skin)
    3. A.C Pimpeel Cream (Oily/Acne, moisture barrier)
  9. AM: Natural Perfect Sun Cream … OR … UV Clinica Sun Cream … OR … Oil Free Sun Cream
  10. AM: Regene Blemish Balm  … OR … Whitening Enhancer Sun Blemish Balm … OR … Hyalon-8 Cover Cushion


After Treatment #3 exfoliate the night of Day 7 (OPTIONAL - ask client if they want to purchase):

PM: Exfoliate (night of Day 7, then repeat every 3-nights going forward) — select appropriate exfoliant:

  1. Enzyme Deep Cleanser Pure Powder (for skin prone to congestion with blackheads)
  2. Liquid AHA 4% Deep Peel (for Aging/Dry skin)
  3. PHA 15 (for Very Sensitive skin)
  4. Oxygen Bubble Pack (for Oily skin with Acneic breakouts)