ECLADO KITS and Products



OR Both
*Retail Sized products can aslo be used for BackBar.
Antiseptec Moisture Spray  BackBar 60% alcohol disinfectant, safe for use on skin. Keep away from eyes.
Flawless Lip & Eye Remover  Retail dual-phase lip and eye makeup remover.
Perfect Cleansing Smoothie Balm  Retail balm cleanser to melt and remove makeup and harmful impurities effortlessly. Powerful cleansing without stripping or drying skin.
A.C Centella Foam Cleanser  Retail creamy, hypoallergenic, oily, sensitive skin, soothes, calm inflammation, deep pore clean(Replaces StoryDerm Clinic A Clean)
Enhancer Mild Cleanser  BOTH Use as second cleanse in pre-treatment. Slightly acidic to cleanse without irritating, non-stripping, no sodium lauryl sulfate, removes dirt and makeup, hydrating and refreshing (Replaces all StoryDerm Cleansers – appropriate for all)
Milky Cleanser  Retail botanically rich, removes dirt and impurities, hydrating, non-irritating. For all skin types! (Replaces all StoryDerm Cleansers – appropriate for all)
Purifying Cleanser BackBar extracts complex keep moisture without causing irritation, removes skin waste and makeup, maintains hydration
A.C Oil Free Toner  Retail maintain oil and water balance, reduce excess sebum, no salicylic
Ginseno Triple Essential Toner  Retail antiaging, brightening, moisturizing
Melaser Whitening Toner  Retail inhibit melanin, nicotinamide, ELL-7, balancing
Rebalancing Toner  BackBar soothing and regeneration, sea water, Centella Asiatica, Impatiens Balsamina
Refresh Spray Toner  Retail deep hydration, HA, green tea extract and papaya extract for skin prep
Respiration Toner  Retail extremely sensitive skin, balance pH, boost cellular renewal, reduce spots, humectant, antioxidant, contains Willow Bark extract
Royal Milk Protein Toner Retail NEW PRODUCT COMING SOON
A.C Control Ampoule F  Retail reduce excess sebum, sooth acneic skin, calming, balance and hydrate, reduce inflammation, aloe, tea tree oil, propolis extracts 
Boyun Ampoule  Retail For dry, normal, dehydrated, problematic, sensitive, aging, and pigmented skin. 
C.P 50 Ampoule  BOTH anti-aging, restore collagen fibers, age 50+ can use on décolleté area.  Use with PlaSon, Anymi, MTS, Cell Kiss, HydroCool
Cell Phyto Anti Wrinkle Serum  Retail pair with Cell Memory Cream, EGF, potent serum boosts cell regeneration, calms inflammation, improve texture, hydration, minimize acne scars and fine lines
Damgyul Ampoule  Retail For oily, combination, problem skin. Also, for skin with rosacea.
Dream Biome & Salmon DNA Ampoule  BackBar anti-aging, dullness, skin fatigue, barrier care, brightening
Ginseno Triple Firming Serum  Retail Ginsenoside, EGF, Niacinamide, Adenosine, Anion Water, reduces wrinkles, brightening
Melaser Whitening Serum Retail Bisabolol, ELL-7 White, combat dullness, brightening, deeply hydrating, inhibit melanin (Replaces StoryDerm O2 White Essence)
Moisturizing Serum  BackBar dry, normal, oily, dehydrated, sensitive, aging, pigmented skin
NK-CK Protein Potent Booster BackBar NEW PRODUCT COMING SOON
NK-CX Core Ampoules  BackBar for Compromised and unbalanced skin, reduce pigmentation, restore elasticity, nourishing. Use with PlaSon, Anymi, MTS, Cell Kiss, HydroCool
NK-CX Core Cream  BOTH Human Stem Cell Conditioned Media, balances skin, improve elasticity, build skin structure and creat protective layer. Apply after NK-CX Core Ampoules
Rescuer Ampoule Series    Can also Retail for homecare use. InTreatment -- Use with PlaSon, Anymi, MTS, Cell Kiss, HydroCool
Cica Pore  BOTH oily, acneic, large pores, uneven tone, weak skin barrier
Filagen  BOTH deep nourishment, aging skin, elasticity, weak skin barrier
Hydra Complex  BOTH dry, aging, brightening, weak skin barrier, needs deep hydration
MultiVitamin BOTH defense against hyperpigmentation, protect and regenerate skin barrier, melanin inhibitor, brightening
Rescuer Microbiome Gold
(do not use with devices) 
BOTH Brightening and AntiWrinkle, fortify skin barrier
Respiration Ampoule  Retail very dry skin, aging skin, rosacea, and sensitive skin
Respiration Serum  Retail sensitive and very dry skin types, rosacea
Revitalizing Elastin & Collagen Serum  Retail anti-aging, hydrate and restore damaged skin
Shining V-C Serum  Retail antioxidant, melanin inhibitor, natural lecithin
A.C Pimpeel Cream  Retail light gel-cream, oily, acne-prone, dehydrated despite oiliness, control excess sebum and breakouts, balance moisture (Replaces StoryDerm Clinic A)
Activation Cream BackBar sensitive, rosacea, post treatment, moisturizing, deep hydration, compromised skin, calming/soothing, acne during PMS
Aloe Gel  BOTH calming & soothing, moisturize, irritated and sensitive skin
Argan Oil  BOTH 100% Argan Oil + Vitamin E, protects from free radical damage, repair moisture barrier, calms inflammation, regulates sebum production. Great for Lash strengthening and growth.
Cell Magic Skin Lotion  BOTH for young clients 25+ years old. All types of skin, more suitable for those with oily skin
Cell Magic Skin Lotion Homme – for men  Retail 3-in-1 product, EGF, soothing, controls excessive sebum, calms irritated skin from shaving
Cell Memory 30-Days  Retail clinically tested, improve and transform skin in 30-days!
Cell Memory B12a  Retail hydrate, nourish, revitalize, regenerating moisturizer, improve dullness and loss of elasticity. Plant stem cell, Vitamin B12 and EGF, restores damaged skin
Cell Memory Cream  BOTH pudding-like texture, promote collagen synthesis, EGF, moisturizing
Cell Phyto Anti Wrinkle Eye Cream  Retail target fine lines around eyes and mouth, EGF, promote collagen synthesis, lifting, tightening
Ginseno Triple Firming Cream  Retail Ginsenoside, EGF, Niacinamide, adenosine, anion water, reduces wrinkles, brightening
Melaser Radiance Cream  Retail Bisabolol, ELL-7, Panthenol, Beta Glucan, hydrating, inhibit melanin
Moisture Soothing Gel  Retail sensitive, rosacea, post treatment, dry/dehydrated, deep hydration, compromised skin, calming/soothing, licorice
Moisture Supplement Cream  Retail creates instant moisture barrier, deeply nourishing, protect from free radial damage. Not heavy or rich texture, but  Intense hydrating, dewy, radiant glow.
Refresh V-C Lotion  BackBar face and body lotion. for dry, dehydrated skin. Soothes skin in autumn/winter, works well for dry hands, can be used after waxing
Rescuer Cica Balm  Retail clinically proven to help alleviate atopic skin ailments. Suppress and control infection-related cells. Effectively use immediately after any medical procedure (CO2 Laser, MTS, Peels, skin needling) for skin healing and barrier repair.
Rescuer Firming Eye Cream  Retail keep skin around yes firm and healthy
Respiration Snow Cream  Retail for dry/dehydrated, compromised, rosacea, sensitive or very sensitive skin. Provides strong moisture barrier, minimize TEWL, lasts 12-hours, boosts skin’s immunity. Great to use as a sleeping mask or night cream. No artificial fragrance, dyes, alcohol, or parabens.
Restoration Caviar Cream  BOTH lightweight face cream, rich in Omega-3 and -6 fatty acids. Non-irritating, calms inflammation, stimulates collagen production for smooth, plumped skin. (Replaces StoryDerm UltraA A-Z Cream)
Silky Moisturizing Cream  BackBar for all skin types and conditions. Moisturizes, prevents dehydration, protects against free radical damage, anti-inflammatory, reduces allergic reactions, strengthens regenerative processes, antioxidant, increases protective lipid mantle, prevents TEWL.
Snail Lifting Cream  Retail anti-inflammatory and healing properties, reinforces skin’s intercellular matrix, anti-aging nutrients activate collagen and polysaccharide inside skin dermal layer. Amazing replacement for StoryDerm Osmocell Snail Cream! 
Snail Lifting Eye Patch  Retail 50-patches. Targets wrinkles around eyes and neck. Moisturizes eyes, minimize wrinkles, remove harmful wastes with illite components.
Stem Cell Origin Cream  BOTH anti-aging, regeneration, EGF, brightening
Wrinky Eye Emulsion  BackBar deep hydration, gel crème formula for delicate eye area, concentrated emulsion to boost skin elasticity and hydration, lighten dark circles, absorbs quickly without stickiness or heaviness.
Masks/Massage Creams
A.C Centella Mask  Retail regulate excessive sebum and relieve acneic skin
Advanced Creamy Pack  BackBar Oily skin
AlphaBiome Brightening Mask   NEW PRODUCT COMING SOON
Anionic Daily Mask Pack  Retail detox, boosts natural moisturizing and elasticity in skin, lightens dark spots, adenosine and niacinamide
Aquamarine Soil Pack  BackBar Oily Skin, deeply hydrating, nourishing, soothing
Celluli Shot Cool Cream  BackBar body slimming treatment – use with Celluli Shot Lympo Cream and Derma-S Healer
Celluli Shot Lympo Cream BackBar body slimming treatment – use with Celluli Shot Cool Cream and Derma-S Healer
Chlorella Nutrient Cream and Nutrient Base Cream  BackBar replenish moisture, improve elasticity
Energizing Cream  BackBar massage, moisturizing, anti-aging
Ginseno Plumping Mask  Retail nourishing, firming, plumping
Gold Essential Mask  Retail firming, increase circulation, reduce inflammation, enhance elasticity, nourishing, detox
Herb Massage Cream  BackBar massage, Vitamin E microcapsules
Hydra Moisture Pack  BackBar Combination, dry, and sensitive skin
Nourishing Massage Cream  BackBar massage, for dry, normal, dehydrated, aging, pigmented skin
Refresh V-C Massage Cream  BackBar massage, brightening, vitamin-c, improves dull skin, increase circulation
Repair Nutrient Mask  BackBar for dry, normal, dehydrated, aging skin. Deep moisturizing, massage, nourishing, stimulates regeneration, enhances protective functions
Shining Moisture Massage Cream  BackBar for all skin types and conditions. Designed for sensitive skin prone to rosacea, vascular reticulum, and atopic skin. Works well with oily, porous, and skin prone to inflammation.
Soothing Mask  BackBar hydrates, controls excess oil, soothes sensitive skin, creates moisture barrier, protects skin from TEWL, dry skin types
Ultra Gold Velvet Mask  BackBar panthenol, HA, allantoin. Rich moisturizing, cooling, energizing and instantly relieves sensitive skin. 24K German pure gold (13ppm), nicotinamide, sulfur, calms sensitive skin, strengthens skin elasticity.
Ultra Pearl Velvet Mask  BackBar contains edible pure pearl. Cleanses the skin and provide effective concentration care.
Sun Protection
HYALON-8 Cover Cushion  Retail best for Fitz 1-3, super hydrating, light texture, buildable coverage, brightening, anti-wrinkle, sun protection
Natural Perfect Sun Cream  Retail creamy texture sunscreen, feels like moisturizer,  chemical-physical sun filter hybrid, brightens, nourishes without tacky or greasy after-feel.
Regene Blemish Balm  Retail lightweight BB cream, brightening, contains arbutin, licorice root extract. Buildable coverage, dewy finish. High UVA protection.
UV Clinica Sun Cream  Retail Lightweight and refreshing with HA. Deep hydration, contains MultiEX BSASM Plus, nourishing, no chalky residue. Skin irritation tested.
UV Oil Free Sun Cream  Retail mineral and chemical UV filters to protect skin form UVB and UVA rays, offers great skincare benefits. Nourishing ingredients, hypoallergenic, and despite rich texture, cream absorbs quickly without overly stick finish or white residue. Ideal for any skin type.
UV Tone Up Cover Sun Cream  Retail mild physical sun cream also suitable for Sensitive skin. Protects from UVA/UVB rays and brightens skin tone.
Whitening Enhancer Sun Blemish Balm  Retail brightening BB cream with broad-spectrum UV protection. Arbutin brightens skin tone with sheer coverage for natural glow. Contains Licorice Root extract.
AHA Exfoliate Deep Peel  BackBar 4% AHA and enzymes to gently remove dead skin cell buildup and impurities from skin.
Alpha Hydro Booster Gel BackBar NEW PRODUCT COMING SOON
Dewy Gommage Deep Cleanser-S  BOTH DISCONTINUED
Enzyme Deep Cleanser Pure Powder  BOTH 2-in-1 cleanser, vegetable based enzyme (REPLACES StoryDerm Osmocell Enzyme Powder)
Liquid 4% AHA Deep Peel  BOTH can be used as an overnight exfoliant
Melaser Turn Over Cream  Retail Bisabolol, ELL-6-Perfect, soothe, hydrate, inhibit melanin, fruit-based AHAs
Mild Scrub Deep Cleanser  BOTH vitamin enriched, acne, dull, textured, flaky skin
Oxygen Bubble Pack  Retail award winning! – revive dull and tired skin, brightening, acne
PHA Soft Peel 15  Retail 2-in-1 peel, retexturize and hydrate skin, photodamaged skin, hydrate, anti-inflammatory, neutralize free radicals, boost skin barrier function, leave-on skin (does not require washing off)
Repairing Exfoliant Scrub (Body) Retail excellent body scrub, use night before waxing treatments, keratosis pillaris, back treatments
VONO Prime Peel  BackBar skin detox glow peel treatment, AHA, BHA, PHA, control skin cell turnover, brightening, acne, rosacea, sensitive, melasma, hyperpigmentation
Anymi BackBar Ultrasonic Galvanic Sonic ION Device
Auto MTS  BackBar microneedling device
Auto MTS – Needle Tips  BackBar 30ea disposable tips
Cell Kiss Edge  BackBar facial treatment device
MultiCure Cooling Massager  BackBar calming and soothing sensitive or irritated skin, use with gel masks
Treatment KITs
F.G.F Rejuvenation Cream & Ampoule  BackBar Anti-aging, rosacea, cell regeneration, for age 30+. Ampoule: Anymi ION “-“,
Ginseno Triple Crystal Treatment  BackBar restore dry and dull skin, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, improve skin complexion
Gold Patch  BackBar DETOX Treatment with 24KGold sheets!
Rejuven Fiber & Ampoule System  BackBar intense hydration, replenish skin elasticity
Vita Crush  BOTH Vitamin C+Gluco booster, skin tone, brightening, dull skin, nourishing
Vital Lift Gold Pack  BackBar for dry, dehydrated, aging skin. Age 35+, moisturizing and lifting