NK-CX Cor Ampoule

NK-CX Cor Ampoule

NK-CX Core Ampoule 1 (5ml*6pcs)
Skin design system filled with NK cell culture extract, amniotic fluid-derived stem cell culture solution.
  • Long–lasting freeze drying system
Freeze-dried solid form protected from air and moisture.
  • Condensed Elastic Energy
Delivers highly concentrated Revital active ingredients to the skin as it is.
  • Skin moisture boosting
Hyaluronic acid and trehalose ingredients activate the skin moisture pathway.

It is recommended to use within the same day as possible after mixing the first and second agents.

Human mononuclear cell culture extract (NK cell) 70,000ppm
Human stem cell culture (from amniotic fluid) 70,000ppm

NK-CX Core Ampoule 2 (7ml*6pcs)
Double functional cosmetics for whitening and wrinkle improvement.
  • Contains 10,000ppm adipose-derived human stem cell culture medium
Care for the trouble caused by loss of elasticity with a powerful revival solution
  • Fast absorption 100% double liposome method.
Effective ingredients are delivered safely and accurately, completing thorough solution care!
  • Skin tone–up, contains glutathione.
Evening out the skin tone and it looks lively!
  • Skin that requires fundamental changes to the skin
  • Skin that needs elasticity, reduced skin, rough skin
  • Lack of skin strength and worried skin with sagging lines.


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