C.P 50 Ampoule (2ml*20)

C.P 50 Ampoule (2ml*20)

The C.P 50 Ampoule has a muscle relaxant effect and helps prevent the formation of new mimic wrinkles by activating the restoration of collagen fibers.

The presence of a muscle relaxant in the composition helps to relax active facial muscles and prevent the formation of new facial wrinkles, which explains the botulinum-like effect of the concentrate. Due to the content of bean plant stem cells and the peptide complex, collagen fibers are restored, the skin becomes elastic. Cultured stem cell extract, peptide complex, EGF, betaglucan and other unique ingredients promote collagen synthesis. A particularly strong anti-aging effect is caused by a peptide complex that enhances cellular activity, helps to get rid of existing wrinkles and prevent the appearance of new ones, gives the skin youth and radiance.

How to use: Apply the contents of the ampoule to the previously cleansed skin of the face or locally to the area of ​​mimic wrinkles with massaging movements until completely absorbed. To obtain a stable and long-lasting effect, it is recommended to apply the final care - Moisturizing Cream "Cellular Memory" or Nourishing Cream "Nature of Stem Cell".

Safe for MTS.

Main ingredients: bean phytostem cells, peptide complex, epidermal growth factor, sodium hyaluronate.

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