Moisture Soothing Gel

Moisture Soothing Gel

Moisturizing masks are intensive products that prevent moisture loss and deeply moisturize, which maintains healthy skin and prevents premature aging.

Handles these tasks very well.

Soothing mask from Eclado Laboratories!

✔️ Calms and heals irritated and stressed skin
✔️ Controls excess sebum production

In home care, the mask will delight you with a pleasant aroma, a slight cooling effect and comfortable use!

And in the office, the mask will become the main assistant in many procedures, because you can add the device, as well as combine it with other Eclado masks🤍

Suitable for all skin types and conditions
May be an image of cosmetics and text that says 'ECLADO R LABORATORY SOOTHING DEEP HYDRATION GEL MOISTUF Itimate Skincare Program SERIES'
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